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How does it work... 


Tockwith Festivals Ltd is a registered charity regulated by the Charity Commission of England and Wales. From time to time it may offer grant funding or donations for specific projects, according to its objectives, to community organisations in its vicinity. 


The below outlines our process for grant applications and funding:



  • Completion of the grant application form

  • Review of grant application form by Tockwith Festivals Committee

  • Questions regarding grant application submitted to applicant

  • Grant application accepted or rejected

  • Festival Trustee assigned to project

  • Festival Grant Offer Letter sent including:

    • Festival Grant Offer Terms & Conditions

    • Festival Grant Acceptance Form

    • Festival Grant Monitoring Form

  • Return Grant Acceptance Form to Tockwith Festivals

  • Commencement of project

  • Complete Festival Grant Monitoring Form within 6 months

  • Tockwith Festivals provides funding/payment of invoices

  • Publicise your project and Tockwith Festivals Funding


Tockwith Festivals Trustee’s and Committee will be on hand throughout the process to offer support.

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