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Tockwith Festivals was set up in 2009 to raise funds for Tockwith Primary School.  In the first two years, the charity supported the school only, but from 2011 a rule change and registering of the Tockwith Festivals charity meant we were able to share the profits with other groups and charities in the area. To date we have supported a wide range of community groups and this has included tents, access ramps, scanners, play equipment, community gardens, nature reserves, grounds maintenance equipment, sports kit & much more.

Profits have been and will continue to be generated from sponsorship, donations, tickets and sales, benefiting local groups and the like. Local not-for-profit groups and charities may apply for funding via the ‘Apply for a Grant’ process. The charity will also undertake its own worthwhile community projects including running events to ensure we can continue to support the community for the years ahead.

​Despite starting with no money, Tockwith Festivals now has a capital reserve, able to cover its costs should the worst happen and cancelling at the last moment. As time goes by more and more of the money raised can go back into the community.



To provide a sustainable vehicle for the organisation of charitable events to benefit the community of Tockwith and surrounding areas.


  • To raise funds for community projects

  • To work with schools, local groups and other not-for profit organisations

  • To provide fun events for all the community in an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere

  • To provide quality entertainment for all ages

  • To provide people the opportunity to perform and be creative in new and challenging ways

  • To encourage ethical trading and show concern for the built and natural environment


The charity is run as a company by a board of directors, who are also appointed trustees. Their roles will be to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, including the appropriate reporting requirements to the Charity Commission and Companies House.

The charity will responsibly manage events and seek appropriate public liability insurance and adhere to necessary licensing and local authority regulations.

Participation in the charity will be encouraged from other groups and the wider community through regular committee meetings and taking an active role in developing the charity and its events.

An agreed proportion of available profits from the Festival will be donated directly to worthy causes in the neighbourhood. Voluntary community groups and not-for-profit organisations may apply for funding through a grant application process. A board will be appointed to consider the applications according to the Festival’s criteria. 

This board will seek to ensure fairness in deployment of funds whilst retaining sufficient working capital in the charity to allow its work to be sustained.

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