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Tockwith Festivals has always been about community and supporting our local groups. Our home for several years was the sports field and we are proud to support this fantastic space through the Tockwith Sportfield Trust.

The Trust manages the grounds and clubhouse on behalf of Tockwith & Wilstrop Parish Council and is a charity, registered with the Charity Commission, no. 505845. Tockwith Festivals have awarded grants over the years since our conception of approximately £6000 to the Trust, to assist with their fundraising activities. The Trust through its own fundraising is able to maintain the grounds & clubhouse and provide this valuable space for the various groups which use this facility. Fundraising efforts have allowed access ramps and a refurbishment to the clubhouse as well as allowing improvements to ensure the grounds & pitches are the envy of other villages. Tockwith Festivals contribution is a small proportion of what is required to operate this tremendous community asset.

This award to the Sportsfield Trust means that the festival charity reaches approximately 200 young people each week plus the parents, guardians and carers. In addition to this, the coaching staff, who all have taken FA coaching qualifications, ensure training and matches go ahead utilising the immaculate pitches. As well as our younger teams there are two senior teams playing in York leagues which involves around 40 people a week, not including the supporters. Football isn’t the only activity, there are bowls & tennis clubs which provide valuable activities for the community. The clubhouse is available to other groups as well as providing valuable facilities to the clubs and groups based at the sports field. For more information on the Tockwith Sportsfield Trust visit the website

For more details about the festival charity or to apply for a funding grant visit our website or drop us a line at We hope to see you all again soon but until then Stay Safe.

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Tockwith Festivals was set up in 2009 to raise funds for Tockwith Primary School. In the first two years, the charity supported the school only, but from 2011 a rule change and registering of the Tockwith Festivals charity meant we were able to share the profits with other groups and charities in the area. We have supported a wide range of community groups and this has included tents, access ramps, scanners, play equipment, community gardens, nature reserves, tractors, sports kit & much more.

Despite starting with no money, Tockwith Festivals now has a capital reserve, able to cover its costs should the worst happen and one of our events cancel at the last moment. As time has gone by, more and more of the money raised has gone back into the community. Local not-for-profit groups and charities may apply for funding via the ‘Application for Donations’ process. See our website for more details and an application form for that project that’s going to help your community group.

While we won’t be seeing a return to the large-scale festival on the sports field, you can be sure that we will be back running the bar at Tockwith Show, ensuring all the money raised goes back to the community.Remember the smaller bespoke festival at the Village Hall, It’s a Tock Out or the Beer & Burger Bash nights, we can’t wait to get these back into our social diary. As soon as it’s safe to do so we will. We would also love to hear from any groups who might like to co-run one of these smaller events to raise funds for their particular group or organisation. Drop us a line at

We’ll give you more details about the groups we have supported over the next few months but until then, from all of us at Tockwith Festivals, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & prosperous New Year.

Stay Safe!

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